Croft Woods handicap race 4 (16 July)

Croft handicap series Race Results

Croft Woods handicap results (race 4)

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2 thoughts on “Croft Woods handicap race 4 (16 July)

    1. Fear not, Mr Chairman, you are not going mad and there were only 2 finishers in front of you. Romeo Rouster, as is his wont, arrived late and way beyond his allotted starting time. I started him at the same time as Andrew. In the interests of not keeping everyone hanging around at the end of the proceedings, I did not apply the required additions and deductions at the time. Later in the evening, when I worked out all the times etc., I discovered that Rouster’s running time would have placed him second. I don’t believe that his gift of a bottle of Jack Daniels played any significant part in my final decision. I would be happy to be sacked for this oversight. He did not deserve a choccie bar due to his persistent bad timekeeping.

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