Virtual Leinthall Starkes Handicap (5 mile Time Trial)

Race Reports

A huge apology to everyone in how long it took me to post the results for this.

Thank you so much Mike P for sorting through the facebook page to find people’s times. If we have missed anyone, please drop me an email and I will add it on.

There have been some amazing improvements in peoples times, over 12 minutes for Neil Taylor and 6 minutes for Jo Tilby! So some definite improvements in fitness levels out there.

Everyone who took part deserves a chocolate bar. Well done.

Hopefully having Guy help out with the results for the next challenge will mean the results will be a little bit prompter.


RunnerMick memorial 5 mileSecond runPB?
Lorraine Guest49.0245.473.15
Carol Powell46.34
Louise Reeves47.51
Gemma Davies47.5148.11
Toby Austin28.53
Kelly Bowen39.2235.583.42
Liza Austin49.18
Nigel Mason3735.361.24
Neil Taylor54.1942.3511.44
Samantha Harper42.244.36
Stacey Morgan32.53
Stuart Austin44.0340.33.33
Clare Preece59.5257.292.23
Jo Tilby45.3439.196.15
Alice Gooding40.01
Guy Whitmarsh61
Sue Powell49.0648.210.45
Sue Field?52.02?
Suzy Sidell57.2656.520.34
Thea Preece48.37
Theresa Jones48.13
Scott Jones30.45
Roland Preece46.4643.552.51
Simon Norwood35.0632.312.35
Nigel Taylor41.5537.593.56
Tim Jones40.1340.26
Robyn Gore46.23
Jo Marriot37.19
Hannah Fletcher36.08
Tory Dickenson52.11
Grant Womack36.35
Steve Partridge36.36
Mike Powell37.55
Sam Juson34.53
Steph King48.43
Bryan Markham50.5


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